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Encryption Services

Everyone currently in the media business should be concerned with piracy. Not the sea-faring, swashbuckling variety of piracy of course, but rather piracy of satellite data. The goal of a media company is exactly the same as that of any other business – to provide a product or service and generate revenue. If unscrupulous parties are pirating from a network, they are in essence cheating the system at the expense of others. Pirates are able to reap the benefits of a media service without providing any sort of compensation in return. This not only causes financial losses for the media company involved, it is also hugely unfair to the legitimate subscribers who must pay for that service.

How then can you protect your data from the financial burden and general annoyance of piracy? International Media Switzerland can help you with that. International Media Switzerland appreciates the value of the data you broadcast and will work with you to devise strategies for defending that information. The company’s staff tirelessly seeks new and innovative methods for protecting data to stay several steps ahead of pirates.

Currently, the most effective strategy in the defense of satellite information is encryption technology. International Media Switzerland can provide your company with high quality encryption services which will be the corner stone for your data protection. International Media Switzerland will ensure that your information only travels where you have authorized it to go.

How Encryption Works

Encryption is also sometimes referred to as “scrambling”, and that is actually a fairly accurate description of the service. International Media Switzerland’s encryption services provide several avenues for jumbling your digital data so that pirates intercepting the signal will not be able to decipher it or benefit from it in any way. International Media Switzerland can use its encryption services to safeguard your data, and by extension, your company’s finances.

Encryption Options

The staff of International Media Switzerland will provide you with personalized encryption services consultations to determine precisely which encryption strategies will be most effective for you and your company. International Media Switzerland can help you protect your information in a manner that will not interfere with your media company’s long-term business goals.

Embedded Encryption

Encryption or scrambling technologies can be embedded directly in an individual signal receiver. The digital data being sent from the satellite will be in an encrypted form. Any media pirates intercepting the signal won’t be able to access the data in a usable form. They will simply see a nonsensical hodgepodge of information. But if the encoded information is intercepted by a receiver bearing the appropriate security keys and decryption algorithm, the data can be decrypted. The paying subscriber with the receiver is then able to access the data in a clear format.

Smart Card Based Encryption

Another encryption option provided by International Media Switzerland is smart card based encryption services. This option uses a combination of group keys and individual subscriber keys programmed within the smart cards to protect data. When service changes occur or new subscribers are added to a network, new group keys are broadcast which contain the subscriber’s key. Only through the exact pairing of the group key and an individual subscriber’s key will programs be decrypted or service changes made. The co-dependency of smart card keys and group keys make piracy of data particularly difficult.

Why Choose International Media Switzerland for Encryption?


The staff of International Media Switzerland is highly experienced in all aspects of satellite broadcasting and distribution, including encryption services. Every staff member is knowledgeable and will be able to answer any questions you may have about the encryption services available, how to implement them, and how to include encryption as part of a larger plan or the overall success of your company.


International Media Switzerland considers each and every customer to be important. Not only will your needs be given careful attention, the staff will tailor all services to suit your unique requirements.


International Media Switzerland is keenly aware of the fact that pirates are constantly seeking new methods for stealing satellite data. The company utilizes the vast experience of its staff and its expansive broadcasting network to keep track of the latest innovations in encryption technology. International Media Switzerland will provide your company with only the very best in encryption services.


Simply because your company has a limited budget doesn’t mean you are entitled to anything less than the highest quality encryption services. The data of a small but growing media company is just as important as the data of a major international network. International Media Switzerland provides comprehensive encryption services and encryption service consultations at an affordable price.

The bottom line is this: information lost is money lost. Let International Media Switzerland help safeguard your data from piracy.